20 sided polyhedral die

Twilight Dice 2.0

A companion app for game night

for iPhone and iPad

Twilight Dice 2.0 is FREE on iOS 14!!!

Check out the latest new features on iOS 14. Home Screen widgets, custom haptics, save custom rolls, iPad keyboard shortcuts, roll dice pools, shake to reroll, copy results, new animation, match your theme to your device settings and more.

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Simple and versatile. Just like dice.

Roll a die. Modify it. Roll again and add them up. When your turn is over, simply swipe down to clear. A minimal interface with a few elegant features means Twilight Dice plays nice with the rulesets, resources, and gaming environments you love most.

Your prettiest dice are now digital.

Every dice bag has The Favorite, The Lucky One, or The Work of Art. Shouldn’t your virtual dice be beautiful and fun to roll, too?

The essential gaming tool — always at hand.

With SplitView (iPad) and SlideOver (iPad), Twilight Dice shares your screen space with your GM notes, your character sheet, or your virtual game table of choice. Even drag and drop the results from the clipboard icon across apps.

Play Your Way

Reroll Icon

Control your roll

Distribution and equation views let you see the results as you need. A long-press menu lets you edit, lock, and reroll results — perfect for dice pool games.

Fudge Dice Icon

Bring the whole bag & more

On top of standard dice, Fate rolls, and coin flips, you can save rolls you use often so you’re ready for your next game, no matter the system.

Twilight, Day, and Night Theme icons

Match the mood

Match the mood with Day and Night modes or set it to match your device's dark mode settings.